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  • Exclusive Commissioned Gypsy Vanner Sculptures Infused With Love

    “Artist Pablo Picasso once quoted: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Picasso’s metaphor for life was envisioned over 50 years ago and continues to inspire me to this day. Your gift to me is the respect, appreciation, warmth, and friendship I have felt […]
  • “Arabian Horse Series” – “Next Generation”

    NEXT GENERATION is a bust that honors the mare with her foal which I sculpted the base to look like a stack of rocks depict the building blocks of life in a contemporary patina.  
  • “Arabian Horse Series” – “Arabian Knight”

    And for drama, I completed the series with ARABIAN KNIGHT which is a bust of an Arabian stallion decorated with a patina costume consisting of silver and turquoise beads with tassels.  At the Arabian horse shows, they have a competition of horse and rider dressed in Arabian costuming.  The rider’s outfits are complimented by the matching […]
  • “Horsin Around Series” – “Attitude”

    When I was sculpting the first of this series, his name shouted out to me “ATTITUDE” because he really shows attitude and makes you laugh.
  • “Horsin Around Series” “Sassy”

    SASSY displays a lighter side of life of this whimsy trio.   
  • “Horsin Around Series” “Trouble”

    TROUBLE brings up the rear in this trio. He is rearing up with a lasso around his neck when he got himself loose from the corral.
  • Gypsy Spirit, Gypsy Fire, Gypsy Dancer

    With a long flowing mane, tail and feathering, this magnificent cross bread of the Shire and Dale pony by the Gypsy people of United Kingdom are as gentle as they are muscular.  The Gypsy people wanted a muscular horse (the Shire) but smaller (Dale pone) to pull their Gypsy wagon called a Vardo. These horses […]
  • “Gentle Giants Series” “Gypsy Fire”

    My first Gypsy Vanner Stallion is GYPSY FIRE  in the more common coloration of black & white patina on bronze.  I also had this same sculpture cast in Lucite to add a contemporary touch.  
  • “Gentle Giants Series” Gypsy Fire Lucite”

    I also had this same sculpture cast in Lucite to add a contemporary touch.  
  • “Gentle Giants Series” “Gypsy Spirit”

    Next came GYPSY SPIRIT who is galloping through the fields with flowing mane and tail in brown & white patina.