Another breed that I am passionate about is the Friesian horse.  I can literally go “over the river and through the woods” from Lake Tahoe to the quaint town of Gardnerville, Nevada – to Maddi’s Friesian Ranch.  Here on the east side of the High Sierra was heaven on earth for the life of a Friesian horse.  With over 40 acres wrapped with some of Mother Nature’s most spectacular sites, it was paradise found – not only for the colts who are annually bred in this environment – yet for me as a sculptor and aficionado of the equine breed with their large muscular body and flowing mane, tail and feathered hooves.

These horses are all black and in the sunlight their muscles seem to explode when they prance in pasture practicing their Dressage skills; it is pure magic to see the how the Friesian breed seem to transform incredible movements that require immense physical strength into what seems to be a “ballet” of their natural beauty.

Since my first sighting, I have learned that Dressage is indeed a sport of beauty and only possible when the horse and rider have formed a true partnership.   If time would ever allow, I could spend days trying to understand the unexplainable magic that happens within the “human and horse relationship” that only those who are truly in tune to this breed can appreciate and understand. Until then, I’ll continue to seek out new opportunities to reach out and stretch my hands over their sunlit structures while the sun sets over the Sierra.

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