June-BrownHave you ever wondered how a ‘career path’ actually winds its wayaround your life?

Really; who would have thought over 25 years ago that I’d ever be involved with some of the finest equine breeders and trainers in the world, let alone writing a Blog about it!  Today I’m delighted to share a new twist to my artistry that now includes creating a commissioned trophy for the Canadian Gypsy Vanner Horse Society’s North America ‘Vanner Fair’.  Breeders, owners and trainers will be trekking from the far reaches of American and Canada to participate in lively demonstrations, keen competition, and the good camaraderie which so naturally follows the colorful Gypsy Vanner horse.  I’ll be there too, at the magnificent DeerFields Stables Country Inn, just outside the Village of Palgrave in Caledon.  Upon my return, I’ll fill you in on the sites and scenes of this career path that will soon be well traveled.

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