Left to Right:  Joan, Marilyn, June,  Cindy and Linda in front of the Elephant Cave
Left to Right:  Joan, Marilyn, June,  Cindy and Linda in front of the Elephant Cave

There comes a time in one’s life where you just have to pack up and head out to explore the world around you and this is one fine example. Here’s a little insight about my whirl-wind tour of Bali which I am sharing with a few good friends …

The first few days …

First of all, our wifi was down for 1-1/2 days. Second, I have to introduce you to my new friends and roomies in Bali…

So we can add to our list of aliases:

The Bali Belles  (see photo: Left to Right:  Joan, Marilyn, June,  Cindy and Linda in front of the Elephant Cave)

The Satori Five – because we are staying at Villa Satori. Ernesto, Cuban owner of a restaurant called, Havana,  nick named us “the Satori five” – he is picking us up in his vintage red & white 1957 Fish Tail Cadillac convertible to get Salsa lessons (who would have thunk it in Bali.)

And after our salsa lessons, I think we should be called the Flying Satori Sisters!

Our first Day Your started with our driver Gede ( pronounced  GaDay) and we visited the elephant cave. Along the way we saw some very fine wood carvers, stopped in at Silver jewelry factory and had a great lunch during which time we saw a celebration with ladies with fruit on their head and men drummers which I video taped so I can remember it all. Appropriately for the day, we went to wine shop and bought wine, cheese & crackers for dinner which we enjoyed pool-side!

Some Important or not so important facts from our first few days of travel:

1. It is inappropriate to use the left hand to eat or to give or receive anything with it.

2.  The head is considered the most sacred of the body (I guess no one told them about the God-like bottle openers?).  Also never step over food or expose the sole of your foot towards anyone.

3. Balinese names are coded to reveal caste and birth order within the family: Wayan, Made, Nyoman and Ketut mean first-born, second-born, third-born and fourth born respectfully.  Beginning with 5th child, the naming cycle is repeated.

Think about it,  if you are in the middle of a large crowd and need help, yell out the name “Wayan” and at least half of the crowd will come to your rescue.  I can’t imagine a custom stationery store opening up here soon!!!


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