The city of Ubud (where we are staying) is pronounced ooobood which I am finally pronouncing correctly after being here 10 days.  Should have taken a quick course from The Rosetta Stone!

We are now settling in on our daily routine and we do not need alarm clocks because we have the Bali Wakeup calls by the nearby roasters and quacking  ducks.  Although one would seem that being as a far away as we are from the states that life may indeed be different. Not so as we rise and shine. Our morning routine usually starts out with Cindy or Joanie get up first and start the coffee, then I follow as soon as I smell that the coffee is ready (what a princess I am becoming). The 3 of us smile to each other, sip our coffee and we all turn on our I-Pads.  Some things never change, no matter where you are in the world.

Back at the Villa, some of the gals were by the pool or taking a walk in rice paddies.  That afternoon, the girls went out for a a hour Salsa dancing lesson at the Havana dinner/dancing club that Marilyn set up with Ernesto, dancing instructor.  Afterwards, the girls will experience a Cuban dinner before coming back to Villa. They told me that they were offered a “welcome drink, a Mojito”, which ended up as a charge on their bill, at the end of the evening. Some welcome??

For those who are interested, you can feel like a millionaire by living here in Bali for $100.00 US dollars.  Just check out their money system which are very colorful.

Bali currancy- Rupiah vs US dollars 

5,000 = .50

10,000 =  $1.00

50,000. = $5.00

100,000.   = $10.00

1,000,O00.  = $100.00

Even though the Balinese people don’t follow speeding or any other rules, the Balinese government passed the rule that families can only have 2 children per household, which screws up their 4 name system.  Now, they will have fun when shouting out to people.  They would  be better off just yelling ” hey you”!  Of course, the Balinese way means if they have 2 girls, they keep trying to get a boy.  If your first 2 kids are boys, you are suppose to stop. Again, what are rules for, if you don’t follow?  There population on this small island ( 95 miles long X  69 miles wide) is 4  million people … probably most girls!?

After our cooking class yesterday, we had a sudden craving this morning for Wayan’s banana pancakes, which are thin-like crepes with slices of Bananas. I think Wayan was excited to cook something other than our scrambled eggs everyday.  Oh, those boring American tourists!


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