My first experience around horses was attending Arabian horse shows with my Aunt Rose in Scottsdale, AZ. 12 years ago. Up to this point, my only exposure to horses was the Western horse in cowboy programs.

At first, I thought this Arabian horse was very different with a more refined body and dish-like head and are both beautiful and exciting to watch in the dressage arena.

Even with this exposure, I couldn’t sculpt horses (who at that time, were just huge 1,500 pounds pets) that is until one little Arab filly came over to me while visiting a horse farm. That was the turning point when I felt the deep connection with the horse.

From ancient deserts of the Middle East evolved the oldest known breed of riding horse, the Arabian. For thousands of years and in harsh desert conditions evolved the Arabian with its large lung capacity and incredible endurance. Historical figures like Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Alexander The Great, and George Washington all rode Arabians.

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